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"An exciting adventure!"

"When we decided to restore the Charlemagne brand to its former glory, it seemed like a no-brainer to make bean to bar chocolate.  I hadn't realized what an exciting adventure it would be!  human encounters marked by sharing and generosity, journeys to improbable places and an obsessive search for gourmet flavors."

Frederic Lodewyk

Our values

Here are the actions and results that we have undertaken in order to live our values within Charlemagne Chocolatiers.

Direct purchase

Certified organic

Eco-responsible packaging

We buy the cocoa directly from the farmers. This allows us to establish a relationship based on trust and quality. 

Our bean to bar chocolates are made from natural ingredients and are certified organic.

Each tablet is wrapped in a compostable film made from wood cellulose.

Solar energy

Remuneration of our producers

The electricity needed to make bean to bar chocolate comes from the solar panels on the roof of our workshop.

We are committed to remunerating our bean producers with dignity: we offer them a price well above the market minimum recommended by Fairtrade.

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