Charlemagne’s birth

At the beginning of the eighth century, in the still green valley of the Meuse, a mill was built on its
waterside in the area of Herstal.
This sturdy construction belonged to the Earl of Laon, whose daughter, Bertha Broadfoot, very famous
for her beauty, got married with Pepin the Short (King of the Franks).
After their wedding, a lot of children were born, among whom the most prestigious was Charles. This
boy is now better known as Charles the Great or Charlemagne.

La Ferme Charlemagne

The building was destroyed in the dark times of the 11th century, before being gradually rebuilt until its present-day appearance at the beginning of the 17th century.
In January 2017, Luigi and Pierre-Yves Araghi (father and son) took over the Charlemagne Chocolatiers brand, in the respect of its founder, Denise Courant-Bellefroid.
By releasing a new line of products dedicated to chocolate enthusiasts, they gave the already well-established brand a new life.


In the past, one would appreciate the flavour of the chocolate in the filling, and one was accustomed to distinguish the classic melting chocolate from the milk chocolate or the white chocolate.
The element that turned Charlemagne Chocolatiers into a success lies in the development of a patented process system : the mass taste.
And it’s possibly the magic of our chocolate : a generous taste that melts long after your first bite.